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Jul. 13th, 2020


[Away from Lucifer, Satan and Joshua]

Little fuckin pissed off to realise I'll probably never get paid to fuck around and ride Lady again. Friday was fuckin epic. Now I have to go in tomorrow to do REAL work. Ugh.



Good evening my dear,
I would love to extend my thanks and congratulations for your fantastic party of two weekends ago. I'm sorry I didn't say it earlier- it slipped my mind until now, and I thought, I really must thank you. So.

I hope you won't mind my being forward, but we spoke at the party once Hecate parted ways with me, and you offered the services of your lovely handmaiden, the one in the black dress with the tattoos. I was wondering if perhaps we could arrange a day for me to extend her an invitation to attend me at my home next week? She is a very alluring girl and I'd love to see a little more of her, at your discretion of course.

I hope to hear from you soon, and thank you again for your hospitality, my lady.


[Will Scarlet]

Oh my GOD I only just got over my hangover.

I wanted to say though, now that I'm sober... Thanks. For listening to me. I really don't have any friends here and it's just really nice. I really, really appreciate it.


Text to Little John

Today 12:42 PM
Hello my darling! I had a lovely time last night. Miss you already! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

[info]friartuck in [info]nevermore_logs

Who: Friar Tuck, Will Scarlet - Will eventually open up to Stoots, Francis, Much, anyone else at the parsonage, we'll let you know!
What: Waking up!
When: Monday Afternoon (We're pre-writing because work AND to then open it up and work on it for a few days)
Where: Parsonage
Warnings/Notes: TBA - but talk of death and gross body shit

Waking up is worse than dying )

Jul. 12th, 2020


[Patrick, Iestyn, JJ and Nikkie]

Holy shit.

They arrested Brett.


I told the police everything, including all the stuff in the past. And apparently I wasn't the only one who reported him. There's like...a group of us and we can all press charges-

Holy shit.

[info]holyrites in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO Luna
WHEN Saturday, 11th July - late
WHERE Colorado
WHAT Are you living the life that chose you?
WARNINGS the same as before

And I don't think on why I'm here or where it hurts )

[info]thehighestlaw in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Antigone and Melpomene
WHEN: Sunday evening
WHERE: Melpomene's place
WHAT: They should call her Emotigone
WARNINGS: Lies about abuse. Is that a warning? It's gross anyway.

'The ethics were iffy' )

Jul. 11th, 2020

[info]holyrites in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO Luna
WHEN Saturday, 11th July
WHERE Colorado
WHAT A day in and a night out
WARNINGS violence, sex, the usual.

Good morning baby, I hope I'm gonna make it through another day )

[info]feuillemort in [info]nevermore_logs

Who: Aderyn Ceredig and Will Scarlet
What: Drinking and bitching
When: Saturday evening/night
Where: Patrick and George's backyard trees
Warnings/Notes: Drinking, talking about Lucifer's threatened violence (both physical and sexual) and death.

Let's get fucked up )


[Dionysus had enjoyed Peitho's symposium, but in his own mad way tried to take over by fixing drinks for all the lovelies he came in contact with, more than delighted when he ended up with one of those pretty mortal escorts. The poor boy didn't stand a chance up against an aged god like Dionysus who was flitting around kissing and taunting those he could. That kiss, it had seared the boy's lips, and his evening ended up running outside naked as the day he was born falling onto the green grass and laughing before taking off into night. It had been a while since Dionysus had been invited to someone else's party and got to play, it was thrilling. He'd left Oenopion behind and licked his lips reading the papers for the following weeks to see if any of his little tokens of attention had made the headlines.]

I am always surprised when someone else manages to make my night out away from Naxos so exciting. Peitho, you had a magnificent display, I'm not ashamed that I took home more than one of your guests. There were plenty to see, and plenty I didn't get to see.

I am sure I tried to seduce a few of your newcomers. I was delighted to see more than the usual pantheon there.


Fuck that was a good time, Ate

Gonna have pups soon, if anyone's looking to buy, good fighting stock

Still want to see the dust of the arena made slick with blood?

Jul. 10th, 2020

[info]sly_stutely in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO Will Stutely and Will Scarlet
WHEN Thursday afternoon
WHERE The Parsonage
WHAT Just two Wills and their super healthy coping mechanisms

He needed to be doing something, was the problem )

[info]scarletsherwood in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO Will Scarlet, Wrath, Saint Patrick
WHEN Friday morning
WHERE The immigration assistance office
WHAT Will trying to be Normal

I am a man who goes to work like a normal human )


[Text to Will Scarlet]

Today 4:22 PM
Hey, Will! You free tonight?


Text to Luna

Today 12:42 AM
Hey, I know you're out of town, but maybe you'll see this sooner or later
Shit has been getting real lately
I don't even have the money to get drunk, what to do what to do. Might have to ransack the cupboards
Call me when you're back? Miss you already.

[info]holyrites in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO Luna Olmos
WHEN Friday, 10th July
WHERE Colorado
WHAT A terrible muse, really.
WARNINGS references to sex, and Luna's general dubious consent situations, and violence.

I wanna touch the edge of greatness )

[info]20cent_outlaw in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO Much + The Saracen
WHEN Friday night
WHERE Leila’s place
WHAT 4th Date
WARNINGS First fight! Talks, hangups, hugs, a slap! :O

Come feed the rain, cause I’m thirsty for your love... )



Every day, for the last two weeks, a young man has been coming into the museum and spending hours in the space section. At first when I asked him if he needed any help, he asked to be left alone. I'm not the most social of creatures, so I was happy to do so. But at some point I think one of my coworkers may have revealed my secret.

No, not that one- just the one that I am incredibly knowledgeable. One doesn't gain as many doctorates as I have without learning the exact hows and whys of the universe beyond the simple love of that vast open void.

So now he keeps coming to me, not with questions but with conversations starters. The sorts of things we don't yet have answers for but are interesting to conjecture. What is it like inside a black hole? Is dark energy a cosmological constant or an error in measurement? If dark galaxies are detected, should they be treated as an intact galaxy or the birth of a galaxy yet to be?

I admit I find it thrilling to be in the company of a mortal with such focused interests. It's in my nature to encourage that, I can't help it. He's started scribbling down more and more notes into a book after we speak, and I hope to find one day that it's become something.

Jul. 9th, 2020

[info]of_the_dead in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO Anubis & Qebhet
WHEN Thursday, 9 July, late morning
WHERE His funeral home
WHAT A concerned homecoming

On that ground we cherished life and embraced death )
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