May. 21st, 2017

9th Ship

[Menelaus had not seen Helen since her return. In truth he hadn't thought she'd return again, and the fact that his heart broke a second time for her, it made him put further distance between them. He used the time to focus on Arianna, her schooling and trying to show her her father was strong. But fate was a cruel monster, and it wasn't just Helen on his mind, but the fact that Arianna's mother finally came out of hiding and sent her daughter a letter, one that he quickly tossed out without even opening it. He spent the weekend trying to find it before the trash collector came, because Menelaus was not able to just let bygones be bygones. How did the woman find him when he'd never looked for her?]

It's been six years, and that woman found me. I can't bring myself to open the letter she sent to Arianna. Burning it seems more logical, but there is a fear she wants to destroy what I've spent years taking care of. It's times like this that I'd give anything for Agamemnon to show his face.